SUAVEART concentrates on the cultural value between art and life. Presenting the stories and issues related to “island, art and life”. Creating the borderless dialogues that can be found everywhere in our daily life.


「EX。tension」is the new sparkle between art and living here. We often have the opportunity to migrate to a city, perhaps because of work, perhaps because of self-guided travel. No matter what, our common purpose is to discover, to understand, to experience the city. Therefore, living in Kaohsiung is not just a behavior, but constantly shaping the city landscape and character in the process of interweaving and traveling. Moreover it’s because of living in Kaohsiung, Tree House Hotel hopes to extend the talkative possibilities about living space, living way and future through the artistic imagination.

策展人/Curator:李依佩 Yipei LEE
藝術家/Artist:印尼日惹藝術家,MES 56 成員 Anang Saptoto

Residency process:2017.5.16-2017.6.17

開放工作室 – 需事先預約
Everyday during the residency program (By appointment)

與談對象:李依佩、Anang Saptoto
Open art talk in Tree house with: Yipei LEE & Anang Saptoto
2017.05.28 3pm-4:30pm

【議程 Agenda】
15:00-15:10 東南亞當代藝術概況 The art scene in SEA
15:10-15:20 藝術計畫進行與準備工作經驗分享 The logistics working with artist 
15:20-15:35 印尼藝術家來台駐村經驗分享 The artist’s experience in Taiwan last year 
15:35-16:05 藝術機構 Mes 56 與其活動 The art scene in Indonesia – mes 56 and other connections
16:05-16:20 印尼藝術家近期創作與展覽 Anang’s last work and exhibition (Anamorphic /in tree house)
16:20-16:30 問與答 Q & A
17:00 End

樹屋講座 01

Residency_Anang 01

Residency_Anang 08

Residency_Anang 09

Residency_Anang 03

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