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The drinking tea project|喝茶計劃

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The drinking tea project
The drinking tea project

“The drinking tea project” is my first project in 2013 with MoCA Taipei, which resort to build up a relationship and improve strangers to have further communication opportunities by “drinking tea” process. I am doing the research in Zhongshang district. In the beginning 12 days, I just walked and observed the interaction in local community. In fact, it’s a beautiful human activities and we dunt have to change anything here. Then I am starting to think further, why many strangers want to move into this area to operate the little shops, but I found that the resident is less going to enter the shops. What’s something missed between local and stranger?

This area is also linked with important tea industry and Dadaocheng in ancient time. A sense of uncontrollable uncertainty and ambiguity arises between the strangers who share the tea, due to their difference in life experience, culture, habit, faith, class, gender, and personal viewpoints. Eventually “build up the relationship” will back to regular, normal and inbetween “real relationship”.

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We are sharing family stories

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