Artist in Residency: Joee & I

Category: Performance,, Music, Experimental
Duration: 20 Feb – 8 Mar, 2018

Joee&I 是一位來自菲律賓馬尼拉的前衛電子音樂兼新媒體表演藝術家。她透過筆電、卡林巴音樂、鈴鐺和搖滾樂,還有一道道旋律,演奏出複雜對位排列的旋律。電子音樂中的循環即興演奏,結合意想不到的曲調和人聲-喉聲,粉碎聲,跺腳,尖叫和親吻。她曾在東南亞,日本,加拿大和菲律賓各地演出,注入旅行中汲取的樂器靈感,分享演出她獨特的電子音樂觀點。她目前正參加去年同名多媒體音樂會發行的首張專輯 “To The End Of The World”。

Joee & I is an avant-pop electronica solo project of Joee Mejias, a musician and a multimedia artist from Manila. Armed with a laptop, kalimba, bells and shakers, and a melodica, she churns out melodies that sing in complex contrapuntal arrangements. Everything one would expect from this electronic act is here—looping riffs, unexpected twists and vocals that stroke, smash, stomp, scream and kiss. She has performed in Southeast Asia, Japan, Canada, and around the Philippines, sharing her unique brand of electronic music infused with flavourful instruments she’s picked up along her musical journey. She is currently touring her debut album entitled “To The End Of The World” released last year in a collaborative multimedia concert of the same title.

Open Event

Electro – 菲律賓電音表演藝術家 Joee & I 首次來台演出
我們邀請到甫受國際知名青春文化 STATUS Magazine 報導-菲律賓電音表演藝術家 Joee & I 進行首次來台的第一場表演活動!空靈唯美的聲音將帶領我們進入菲律賓的前衛電音世界。
演出時間:2018.03.07 20:00 PM
地點:VOICE 深夜唱片行|桃園市中壢區環中東路708巷88號
購票請洽:VOICE 深夜唱片行

主辦單位: VOICE 深夜唱片行、細着藝術 SUAVEART、 Joee & I

Photo credit: Joee & I

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