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Natural Power in Living Space|空間自然力

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隨著社會經濟發展和城市興起,人口密集區的消費活動導致了對自然的疏離和陌生,我們該如何從生存空間理解自然與其運作?古人所言的「天人合一」之於當代解讀,增添了人與自然和諧相處的當代倫理觀念的若干想像空間。人們利用空間知識,探討空間的思維和行動,啟動一些另類思考和實踐,進而解決生活方方面面的空間能力(spatial capabilities)。當自然進入了寓所,融入日常並作為一種永續生活的橋樑,我們又該如何運用現有的生命經驗,重新認識家鄉的人與土地,自未來回看現在的空間紋理。

Reading the topographical writings written by writers will open up the horizons of life in other dimensions. With the development of the social economy and the cities, consumer activities in densely populated areas have led to alienation and unfamiliarity with nature. How should we care for the ecology of urban residences? People use spatial knowledge to explore spatial thinking and action, initiate alternative review and practice, and address spatial capabilities in all aspects of life. When nature enters our homes, it is integrated into our daily lives and serves as a bridge to sustainable living. How can we use our existing life experiences to reconnect with the people and land of our hometown and look back at the spatial texture of the present from the future?

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Joglo 是印尼爪哇的典型建築代表之一,風格具有紅色屋瓦以及常見的梯形屋頂,房屋裡面沒有隔間,是一整個公共空間。屋內結構幾乎都是選用柚木製成,還有四根雕刻精美的大柱子。房子的造型也很特別,分成三個重要部分,有陽台、兩層樓梯和一個較小客廳、然後進入主要房間或是家庭客廳。

安迪·蘇巴喬 (Andi Subagio),將分享印尼傳統建築 Ad-Rem Joglo 和屋瓦建築,從前人的智慧探討現代化過程中重新定位與實踐的想法。他提到,荷蘭時期的建築在印尼當地已經算是一種常見的熱帶建築風格,有著寬厚的牆還有高聳的屋頂,如今大部分為官方、有錢人階級所使用。透過 Joglo 的屋頂窄寬設計還可以辨識社經地位,和 Bali 傳統的九宮格原型有所區別。


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December 19, 2021|16:00-17:30 (GMT+8)
Zoom ID: 841 5849 5039
PW: 381122

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16:00 – 16:05|Opening & Intro
16:05 – 16:35|Sharing by Divooe Zein Architects
16:35 – 17:05|Sharing by SASO Architecture Studio
17:05 – 17:25|Panel Discussion
17:25 – 17:35|Q&A, Closing

關於嘉賓 About Special Guests:

曾志偉 Divooe Zein
自然洋行建築圑隊主持人 Director of Divooe Zein Architects

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Divooe Zein, the director of Divooe Zein Architects. Zein was raised up in Palau islands and studied in the international school SDA. After his practice of architecture, he established Divooe Zein Architects in Taipei and started the journey and field studies back and forth in between Bali islands in Indonesia and Taiwan from 2003 until now. At 2014, he established siu siu– Lab of Primitive Senses in Taipei, and started the teaching work in Shih Chien University Department Of Architecture in Taiwan.

For Divooe Zein Architects, the creative process of combing the architectural space is one of the elements of the overall environmental atmosphere. The architectural space is transformed into a spatial medium between nature and people through human-made structures and geomorphological factors. We are going back to the original intention of living, exploring the possibility of another new life experiment, and trying to open all the senses, using vision, sound, smell, taste to contact a new unprecedented universe, warm, quiet, comfortable, joyful, and full of energy.

安迪·蘇巴喬 Andi Subagio
薩索建築工作室創辦人 Founder of SASO Architecture Studio

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SASO 是一家建築工作室,相信建築作為一種美學形式中的功能和場域環境的解決方案。工作室位於印尼雅加達,團隊成員以建築為生,積極將我們的線和點作為建築行業可持續發展的一部分。SASO 不斷致力於研究,並對更宜居的未來充滿渴望。他將分享印尼傳統建築 Ad-Rem Joglo 和屋瓦建築,探討重新定位和重新實現的一個想法和實踐。

SASO is an architecture studio which believes that architecture is a solution of function and site context wrapped in an aesthetic form. Our studio is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, containing teams which live by architecture and actively put our lines-and-dots to be part of sustainability in the construction industry. We are constantly committing ourselves to do research and stay hungry toward the more liveable future. He will share Rooftiles house and Ad-Rem Joglo to discuss about “Re-purpose and Re-materializing. a thought and practice” during the conversations.

主辦單位 organizer:細着藝術 SUAVEART
合作單位 co-organizer:賈蒂旺宜藝術工廠 Jatiwangi art Factory、泰美教育基金會 Taimei Educational Foundation
贊助單位 sponsor:國藝會 NCAF

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