SUAVEART concentrates on the cultural value between art and life. Presenting the stories and issues related to “island, art and life”. Creating the borderless dialogues that can be found everywhere in our daily life.

2023|Spring-Summer Interns Wanted|春夏季實習生招募

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相關計畫包括《延/伸:文化與媒材的移動關係》、《無根的樹》、《明日練習室》、《未來種子 − 熱帶雨林計劃》、《漫遊島城: 島嶼生態學》、《瓦集瓦籍》和《島嶼對照記》等。以下為相關資訊:

SUAVEART proudly announces internship program for young talents. We carefully consider the cultural value between the art and daily life. Since 2008, SUAVEART has been focusing on Southeast Asian contemporary art. Founded in 2015, the project creates experimental and cross-disciplinary collaborations, exploring social culture from an island perspective, conducting residency project, exhibition curation, research, publication and others.

Related projects include “Ex/tendsion: The Mobile Relationship between Culture and Media”, “A Tree Without Roots”, “Tomorrow’s Practice”, “Seeding Future-Tropical Rainforest Research Project”, “Falneur in the Insular Cities: Island Ecology”, “Wagiwagi – Greeting to Nature” and Podcast “Island Kaleidoscope”, etc. Below are the details you need to know.

▲ 在細着藝術需要做的事:
– 協助計畫之資料整理、研究和書寫。
– 協助視覺發想與設計。
– 理解藝文工作者多面向的工作型態。

🟡 What the intern will do at SUAVEART:
– Assist occasional research on art related topics
– Assist design thinking and implementation
– Learn and gain experience


▲ 申請對象需求:
– 就讀於大學在校生、研究生為優先,不限國籍。
– 設計背景、圖資管理、景觀、建築、社會人文科系尤佳,對藝文活動有想法與熱情,無相關背景或經驗可。
– 態度大方、責任感、樂於學習、自律、可獨立作業並與團隊合作。
– 具備基礎英文能力。

🟡 Requirements:
– current student, graduate student, no limited to Taiwanese
– Background with design, management of library and information, landscape, architecture, humanities and social sciences preferred.
– Good communication skills with individual and collective
– Hardworking, responsible, easygoing and motivated
– English writing and communication.


▲ 細着藝術提供:
– 差旅車馬費。
– 實習結束頒發實習證明,證明中標明實習時數。
– 實習期間若表現優秀,將有機會參與國際專案,獲差旅支持。

🟡 What SUAVEART offers to the interns:
– Compensation in commute
– Certificate on completion of the internship
– If perform well, will support for flight and accommodation for international project


▲ 實習基本事項:
– 實習期間:2023年3月20日至9月30日期間,實習總時數可連續3個月240小時、或期間滿300小時。
– 實習時間:週二至週四 10:00 – 17:00,每週實習時數最少15個小時。
– 實習期間需自備筆記型電腦。

🟡 Internship Basics:
Internship Period: 20 March – 30 September, 2023
240 hours in 3 Months / or 300 hours within Internship
Tuesday – Thursday / 10:00-17:00 / 10-15 hours per week.


▲ 注意事項:
– 細着藝術邀請合適者面談,面談後錄取者將另行通知。
– 實習期間取得所有內部資料,未經允許不得以任何形式對外使用、公開、發表。
– 細着藝術將視實習生出席狀況與表現,保有實習時間長度調整之權利。

🟡 Note:
– Suitable candidates will be invited for an interview and acceptance will be announced after the interview.
– All internal information obtained during the internship may not be used, published or released in any form without permission.
– SUAVEART reserves the right to adjust the length of the internship depending on the intern’s attendance and performance.

▲ 如何申請:
– 備妥你的簡歷和作品
– 告訴我們為什麼想加入細着藝術 (250 – 500 字)
📧 / 申請截止日期至 2月28日,期待您的加入!

🟡 How to apply:
– Email your CV and portfolio (demonstrating your design and article)
– Cover letter (150 – 300 words)
📧 / Application deadline: 28th Feb, 2023
Looking forward hearing from you!

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