SUAVEART concentrates on the cultural value between art and life. Presenting the stories and issues related to “island, art and life”. Creating the borderless dialogues that can be found everywhere in our daily life.

✦ About project
Most of the encountering with “#artistbook” is related to catalogues or monographs, in which the process of content integration involves collaboration between designers and editors.

In this Taiwan-Germany publishing exchange project, we try to focus the production process of “Artist Book” on the artist’s unique understanding and observation in #embodiment and #production, about the actual participation or independent production; the publication itself is an important carrier of ideas, integrating artists’ thinking and creation from beginning to final production.

In the process, we are still open thinking about how collaboration, authorship, and structure can be more transparent/consensual/decentralized than/if the original project was planned.

✦ Venue: Taipei International Book Exhibition / WorldTradeCenter Hall 1
✦ Booth: ⚡️Reading Construction Site ⚡️D321
✦ Time: 💁🏻 Jan 31(Tue) 14-15 PM

– –
◘ Discussing the possibility of the freedom of art publishing from the perspective of artist residency ◘

Moderator: Yipei LEE (Founder of SUAVEART)
Artists: Ting-Ting CHENG, WU Chuan-Lun, Sera Yu-Wen CHEN, Esther Yi-Chun LIN

✦ Event Agenda
14:00 – 14:10|Opening remarks (Self-introduction)
14:10 – 14:25|General intro (Yipei LEE, WU Chuan-Lun)
14:25 – 14:50|Integrated discussion (Ting-Ting CHENG, WU Chuan-Lun, Sera Yu-Wen CHEN, Esther Yi-Chun LIN)
14:50 – 15:00|Interaction (Q&A)

Co-organizer:TW indie publishers
More TiBE 2023 program download:

✦ 緣起:

在本次的台德出版交流計畫中,我們試圖將「藝術家書」的製作過程側重在藝術家於 #參與#生產 中的獨特理解與觀察,並實際參與或獨立製作;出版品本身作為一個重要的思想載體,從生產到完成融入了藝術家的思考和創作脈絡。

過程中,我們仍不斷地思考著,關於合作 (collaboration)、著作權 (authorship)、權責架構 (structure) 如何比/是否比 原先規劃的計劃更為透明/共識/去中心化?

✦ 地點:#台北國際書展 / 世貿一館
✦ 展位:⚡️#讀字工地大舞台⚡️ D321
✦ 時間:💁🏻 1月31日(二) 14:00-15:00PM

– – –

◘ 從藝術駐村「隱」藏之可能性,談藝術出版的自由性 ◘


✦ 活動日程:
14:00 – 14:10|開場引言 (自我介紹)
14:10 – 14:25|概要分享 (李依佩、吳權倫)
14:25 – 14:50|綜合討論 (鄭亭亭、吳權倫、陳郁文、林怡君)
14:50 – 15:00|現場互動 (Q&A)

主辦單位:島座放送 X 細着藝術


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