SUAVEART concentrates on the cultural value between art and life. Presenting the stories and issues related to “island, art and life”. Creating the borderless dialogues that can be found everywhere in our daily life.

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The wind from the ocean blows on the land. Millions of shapes and treasures are waiting to be discovered. In 2022 SUAVEART presents the podcast “#IslandKaleidoscope“, which compiles the key words and stories of the artists living on the islands. Listening to the stories is like we are traveling across Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Holland, Finland, Lebanon, England, and Canada. We are all on a similar journey.

In the face of multi-point exchanges and seemingly creative ideas, there are in fact many themes that arose in the process of artistic residencies, field research, sampling, and interviews. The events and activities of nature and ecology inspire the collective artists to think about the future of living together, and #TomorrowsPractice” is a book that takes “terracotta” as the starting point and records the thoughtful implementations we are practicing for tomorrow.

During the artistic journey of exchange between Taiwan and Indonesia, Taiwanese artists Wei-Chien Huang and Ke-Ting Chen, starting from #WasteDisposal and #RiverDaily as the notion, traveled with curator Yipei LEE to the district of Majalengka in West Java, Indonesia.They stayed in Jatiwangi and Kaputren villages from weeks to months, and worked with international cultural workers and local villagers.

Every context reflects a certain state of questioning of the environment and the resilience of life, not only in Indonesia, but also in our own homeland. Culture has become a driver of sustainable living, and this needs to be reflected in reality if we are able to live together successfully in the future.

✦ Venue: Taipei International Book Exhibition / WorldTradeCenter Hall 1
✦ Booth: ⚡ Reading Construction Site ⚡ D321
✦ Time: 💁 Feb 1(Wed) 11AM – 12PM

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◘ “Island kaleidoscope” Hearing the cultural diversity of an island to “Tomorrow’s Practice” ◘

Speaker: Yipei LEE|SUAVEART
Artists: Wei-Chien Huang, Ke-Ting Chen

✦ Event Agenda
Opening remarks (Self-introduction)
General intro (Yipei LEE)
Integrated discussion (Wei-Chien Huang, Ke-Ting Chen)
Interaction (Q&A)

Co-organizer:TW indie publishers
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✦ 介紹:

來自海洋的風,吹拂著陸地;有著千百萬種的樣貌,挖掘不完的寶藏。2022年細着藝術出品了 Podcast 節目《#島嶼對照記》,同時將藝術家們之於島嶼的關鍵字與故事編輯成冊。橫跨台灣、日本、泰國、印尼、荷蘭、芬蘭、黎巴嫩、英國、加拿大土地的同時,其實我們都在同相似的旅程中浮浮沈沈。


在台灣、印尼交流的藝文旅程中,台灣藝術家黃偉茜和陳科廷,分別從 #垃圾處理#河水日常為出發點,與策展人李依佩前往印尼西爪哇的瑪賈連卡行政區,在賈蒂旺宜與卡布眷村莊駐村,與國際文化工作者和當地社區村民一起生活互動。


✦ 地點:#台北國際書展 / 世貿一館
✦ 展位:⚡#讀字工地大舞台⚡D321
✦ 時間:💁 2月1日(三) 11AM -12PM

– – –
◘ 《島嶼對照記》從島嶼聽見文化多樣性到《明日練習室》 ◘

✦ 活動日程:
開場引言 (自我介紹)
概要介紹 (李依佩)
綜合分享 (黃偉茜、陳科廷)
現場互動 (Q&A)

主辦單位:島座放送 X 細着藝術

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