SUAVEART concentrates on the cultural value between art and life. Presenting the stories and issues related to “island, art and life”. Creating the borderless dialogues that can be found everywhere in our daily life.


We are excited to share with you the new open call for the residency program in Xiao Liuqiu Island in the Art Festival Programmes curated by curator Yipei LEE “Towards the common sea we have” by SUAVEART. Meeting the marine cultures under the ocean and above the land into the ecosystem.  

Towards the common sea we have” invites to contribute, disclose the realities, fact checks on shifting oceans, water systems, climate to explore together ways in geography presented, socially, economically, and politically implemented. The programme diversified island ecological concepts and environments as sites of international and experimental coexistion in communal surroundings.

Participating artists will be offered the opportunity to expand their ongoing research and artistic practices to encounter the geographical thinking in oceanic culture, biology, arts and beyond, within a group of pioneers, local residents and invited guests. 

Instead of artwork production, we would like to have more interactive and creative performance, sharing, workshop, screening and presentation to react to the climate theme of “Towards the common sea we have”. We will offer USD 200 for production fee, as well as providing mentorship, food and accommodation (Flight and transportation is excluded). A limited number of bursaries towards travel costs are made available to those who would not otherwise be able to participate. SUAVEART will help to provide the invitation and apply the grants if needed.

Residency Period: 10-23 July, 2023

Apply Deadline: 20 May, 2023 (12pm, GMT+8)

More info:
Apply form:


Alice Audouin has been working on the relationship between contemporary art and the environment since 2004. A pioneer in France on the subject, she organized the first international symposium on the theme “The artist as stakeholder” in 2004 at UNESCO. Involved in the non-profit sector since 2008, she is the founding president of the association Art of Change 21, sponsored by Olafur Eliasson. 

With Art of Change 21, she creates a unique bridge between the world of art and major international events such as the IUCN World Congress or the COP Climate. Her association rewards artists with the Planète Art Solidaire Prize (endowment of 42,000 euros) in 2021, and also the Eco-design Art Prize in 2023, and publishes the newsletter Impact Art News of which she is the editor-in-chief.

Guest curator of the Art Paris 2022 fair on the theme “Art and the Environment”, Alice Audouin is the curator of numerous thematic exhibitions on environmental issues: Novacène (Gare Saint-Sauveur, Lille, 2022) Vita Extremis (Patinoire Royale Valérie Bach, Brussels, 2022), Biocenosis21 (IUCN World Congress, Marseille, 2021), Warmingland (Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris, 2018)…

Former president and co-founder of the COAL association (the coalition for art and sustainable development) from 2008 to 2014, and former director of sustainable development in large organizations, Alice Audouin also works as an art advisor and consultant in sustainable development for the cultural and luxury sectors. 

Alice Audouin holds three Master 2 Research degrees from the Sorbonne, in economics, philosophy and visual arts.

Stacey Alvarez de la Campa is an educational/legal consultant, environmental expert and teacher of English language arts, history, social studies, and communication studies. She is currently the Community Manager, Ambassador Program Coordinator, and Academic Council Liaiand founder of the organisation Worldwide Sustainability Warriors.

At the University of Strathclyde, she was an Educational Consultant with the Ocean Explorers Programme. She initiated the implementation of an education programme for primary age pupils which draws on UNSDGs. She is an Environmental Education Expert for children and adult learners. She was a Legal Assistant at Lex Caribbean Attorneys-at-law and one of her key achievements here had been to be appointed to the firm’s Environmental Committee to enhance environmental awareness among team members and promote operational practices focusing on recycling and sustainability. She has also been a freelance writer and an English language, literature and arts teacher and in this role, she has extensive experience in teaching students with learning disabilities and emotional/physiological challenges.

She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature in English with a minor in Linguistics from the University of the West Indies, as well as undergraduate degree in Law. She studied Nordic Literature at the University of Odense, Denmark.. She also has certificates in peer counseling, anti-money laundering policy and writing. She enjoys horseback riding, surfing, hiking and similar activities. She also likes reading, writing poetry and short stories, cooking, painting, and she is a member of Amnesty International.

Pei-Yu Lin is a native of Xiaoliuqiu in Pingtung, Taiwan. She is one of the directors of Taiwan Coral Island Association and the marketing and creative director of Hiin Studio. She is an educator and artist who promotes environmental sustainability education and local social influence.

In 2017, she initiated the “Beach Currency Action Plan” together with the residents of Xiaoliuqiu, a sustainable economic initiative that designs tokens which are consumed and received discount at partner stores for whom participates in beach cleanup activities. In 2022, she cooperated with a financial platform to issue 50 beach currency NFTs, which fully returned to environmental groups.

In addition, Pei-Yu Lin also teaches general art at local elementary schools to lead the educational programs for children and youth. In the field of film production, she has facilitated a number of short film productions related to environmental themes and marine culture in Xiaoliuqiu.

In terms of international exchange, Pei-Yu Lin was awarded the Taiwan Tourism Friend by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation in 2020, invited to participate in the GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Annual Forum in 2019, and received the Grassroots Conservation Award at the International Turtle Conservation Symposium in Kobe, Japan in 2018.


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