Life dimension in art

October 26, 2020

Online Exhibition
Poznan Art Week


“Life dimension in art” is a group show about the artistic reflections of Asia artists under the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic moves into our region, cities, communities, neighborhoods and homes, within just few months we have encountered the huge change process of pandemic in our life; disintegration, fragility, destruction, feeling, adjustment, adaptation, active confrontation, confrontation, and unity.

UNESCO and CISAC announced “Resili Art” on April 15 the day of World Art Day focusing on the urgent issues of cultural workers, including discussion of artists ’social and economic rights, copyright protection, digitization of content, and freedom of speech. To quote the Director General Audrey Azoulay: In this era of turbulence and uncertainty, we need those things that unite us – those that show us the diversity of the world – for this, we need artists.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the global economy fluctuated up and down. Since the invention of Bitcoin, the industry’s development gradually moving from centralization to decentralization. The world is already on the road to de-globalization, and the epidemic has just accelerated its disengagement. When the global economy and geopolitics have become more divided, there is no country, region, or leader process the authority and advantage. Under the development of science and technology, the economy has turned to regionalization, local supply chain, even more nationalism and populism arouses. We have entered and are in the “posthuman era.”



聯合國教科文組織 (UNESCO) 與國際作家與作曲家協會 (CISAC),在4月15日世界藝術日當天,宣布合作發起了一場名為「堅韌藝術 ResiliArt」的全球運動,聚焦在文化工作者生計的迫切問題,包括藝術家的社會和經濟權利、版權保護、內容數位化和言論自由等探討。引用總幹事 Audrey Azoulay 的話:在這個動盪和不確定性時代,我們需要那些使我們團結的東西-那些向我們展示世界多樣貌的東西-為此,我們需要藝術家。


在《後人類時代:虛擬身體的多重想像和建構》書中,海爾斯定義的「後人類 (posthuman)」,其實是一種概念,開闢新思維方式以思考人類意義那振奮人心的願景,相信人類是「新的文化配置」,並質疑一個穩定的、連貫的自我,足以見證一個穩定一致的真實舊想法。

Artist list:
Kin Man Cheong (Macau)
Group Y2K (Taiwan)
Vermont Coronel Jr. (Philippines)
Yuree Kensaku (Thailand)
Duyi Han (China/NY)
Cowper Wang (Taiwan)

Context: Lee Yipei

Organization: Poznan Art Week, SUAVERAT

張健文 (澳門)
Y2K (臺灣)
佛蒙特.科羅內爾 (菲律賓)
尤莉.坎薩庫 (泰國)
韓篤一 (中國/紐約)
凱如拉.拉希姆 (新加坡)
王宗欣 (臺灣)

文字: 李依佩

主辦單位: 波茲南藝術週、細着藝術

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