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April 26 – May 13, 2018

Cultural affairs bureau of Hisnchu county government
Hinchu county, Taiwan


“Xing Pu Qi Hua” is a solo exhibition held in the halls A1-A2 of the bureau museum. Approximately 60 works of calligraphy and painting are displayed. In the works, you can find out the abundant life experience of the artist traveling at domestic and abroad, especially the unique natural landscape and geological features in Taiwan. Huang Bao Gui is skillfully to use characteristics of oriental ink materials, expression of emotion, and thinking. The poetry paintings are inspired by the barren mountain to be wild, and the ink to be convincing.

Born in Hsinchu, Huang Bao Gui has been swaying in the world of ink for a long time. Under the enlightenment guidance of Zhu Zhennan, Kong Yiping, Lin Jingyi, Zhou Yueyun, Wang Nanxiong, and Huang Caisong, she gradually began to immerse herself in the passion of painting and calligraphy for nearly two decades. The journey from the unbiased revision of painting and calligraphy, the characteristics of individual creative architecture are brewed, revealing the cleverness of traditional architecture to strive for innovation and change.

After many joint exhibitions and entries with Mo Yan Painting association and Qingliu Painting association, a couple of her works are honored to receive awards from the Taoyuan Art Exhibition, Hsinchu County Cultural Center, and Central Bureau Art Exhibition. Under the appreciation of the teachers, relatives, and friends, her enthusiasm is transformed into incentives that encourage her to continue inking, explore the productive horizons of different life circles, and paint life.

《昕璞其華-黃寶貴書畫創作展》,於4月25日到5月13日於新竹縣文化局美術館 A1-A2 展覽室展出。展出約60件書法字畫,作品中可以看見黃寶貴旅行海內外之豐沛生命經驗,尤其將台灣寶島獨特的天然景觀與地質風貌,熟練應用於東方水墨素材特性、情韻表達與思維方式表現。空山容我疏狂,大處落墨,富有情境與詩意的靈感作品。



  • Huang Bao Gui
  • Exhibition site view

Artist list: Huang Bao Gui

Context: Lee Yipei

Organization: Cultural affairs bureau of Hisnchu county government
Hinchu county

藝術家: 黃寶貴

文字: 李依佩

主辦單位: 新竹縣文化局美術館

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